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This is a list of the White Dwarf magazines currently in our archive. The generous donation of issues 1-100 by Paul Stradling has inspired the creation of this index of articles, which I hope may be useful. But the index is not yet complete!

White Dwarf 1
(June/July 1977)
Dwarves beheading Sorceror, by Chris Beaumont
Metamorphosis Alpha (Ian Livingstone) - Suggestions for the SF role-playing game
D&D Society News (Founding committee Hartley Patterson, Nick Slope, Clive Wardley) - News & enrolling procedure
The Monstermark System (Don Turnbull) - A method for assessing monster malignity
Open Box - Reviews: Sorceror [SPI] (Rob Thomasson), Starship Troopers [Avalon Hill] (Martin Easterbrook)
Competitive D&D (Fred Hemmings) - An introduction
No Way Out? (David Wells) - Puzzles based on D&D adventures
D&D Campaigns (Lewis Pulsipher) - Part 1: Philosophy
The Keeper of the Flame (Taupi) - Cartoon strip
The Warlord (Steve Jackson) - Analysis of an undiscovered nuclear wargame
Treasure Chest - Helm of Vision (Steven Littlechild), What's wrong with D&D (Andrew D Holt), The Pervert (Ian Waugh), Poison (Alan Youde)
White Dwarf 2
(Aug/Sept 1977)
Competitive D&D (Fred Hemmings) - Scoring
Figures Review (Ian Livingstone) - Asgard Miniatures
The Green Planet Trilogy (Lewis Pulsipher) - Review
Before the Flood (Hartley Patterson) - Midgard
Open Box - Reviews: Ogre [Metagaming Concepts] (Martin Easterbrook), Lankhmar [TSR Hobbies Inc.] (Fred Hemmings), War of the Star Slavers [Attack Wargaming Association] (Gary Porter), Tunnels & Trolls [Strategy Games Ltd under licence from Flying Fuffalo] (Lewis Pulsipher)
The Monstermark System (Don Turnbull) - Revised Monster Tables
Treasure Chest - New Magic Item: Needle of Incalculable Power (Julian Cable), The Scientist/Antiscientist (Dave Langford), New Monsters (Ian Livingstone): Spinescale, Dune Stalker, The Ning, Giant Caterpillar, Blood Hawk, The Loremaster of Avallon Part II (Andy Holt)
Letters (Graham Reynolds, Graham Buckell, Adrian Bolt)
White Dwarf 3
(Oct/Nov 1977)
Solo Dungeon Mapping (Roger Moores) - Do-it-yourself guide
Competitive D&D (Fred Hemmings) - First steps into Pandora's Maze
The Monstermark System (Don Turnbull) - Experience Points and summary
Open Box - Reviews: D&D Playing Aids [Judges Guild]: The Judge's Shield, TAC Cards, Tegel Manor, City State of the Invincible Overlord, Character Chronicle Cards, First Fantasy Campaign (Don Turnbull); Citadel [Fantasy Games Unlimited] (Mike Westhead), Fourth Dimension,4D [J.A.Ball & Co.] (Fred Hemmings), Battle of Five Armies [TSR (Hobbies) Inc.] (Martin Easterbrook).
D&D Campaigns (Lewis Pulsipher) - Part 1: Philosophy (continued from issue 1)
Colouring Conan's Thews (Eddie Jones) - Figure painting hints
Treasure Chest - The Assassin (John Rothwell), The Loremaster of Avallon: Part III (Andy Holt), New Magic Rooms: Cloning Room, Clumsy Room (Ian Waugh).
Letters (Paul Jaquays, Lew Pulsipher, Nigel Galletty, Patrick Martin)
White Dwarf 4
(Dec/Jan 1977/78)
Alice in Dungeonland (Don Turnbull) - A Carollian dungeon adventure
D&D Campaigns (Lewis Pulsipher) - Part II: Mechanics
Hyboria (Tony Bath) - A history
Open Box - Reviews: Nomad Gods [The Chaosium] (Lew Pulsipher), Star Empires [TSR (Hobbies) Inc.] (Martin Easterbrook), Dungeon! [TSR (Hobbies) Inc.] (Fred Hemmings), Melee [Metagaming Concepts] (Martin Easterbrook)
Monsters Mild and Malign (Don Turnbull) - Friends of the DM: Glitch, Droll, Smoke Creature, Smoke Demon, Typo, Mind Drain, Black Leech, Black Monk, Black Orc, Death Snake.
Treasure Chest - The Barbarian (Brian Asbury), The Loremaster of Avallon: Part IV (Andy Holt)
Competitive D&D (Fred Hemmings) - The fifth level, summary and conclusions
Letters (Don Turnbull, John Norris).
White Dwarf 5
(Feb/Mar 1978)
Chivalry & Sorcery (Lew Pulsipher) - A mammoth game of wizardry and warfare
Figures Review (John Norris) - Der Kriegspielers Fantastiques
Monsters Mild and Malign, Part II (Don Turnbull) - Fuzzy & Steely, Gremlin, Bogy, Cyborg, Cyclops, Manta, Cynopard, Banth, Sphex, Imps, Iron Demon, Mobil Diss, Threep, Goldeater.
D&D Campaigns (Lewis Pulsipher) Part III: Rules Recommendations
Open Box - Reviews: Book of Monsters, Book of Demons, Book of Sorcery [Little Soldier] (Lew Pulsipher), War of the Ring [Fantasy Games Unlimited] (Mike Westhead), All The Worlds' Monsters [The Chaosium] (Don Turnbull).
Games Day III (Ian Livingstone) - A report. 17th December 1977
Food and Water on the Starship Warden (Richard Edwards) - Problems of food and water for Metamorphosis Alpha
Kalgar (David Lloyd) - Cartoon Strip, Introducing a new Sword & Sorcery hero
Treasure Chest - New Magic Items: Rainbow Sword, Water of Beguilement, Water of Enchancement (Joseph Nicholas), The Asbury System: Experience Points (Brian Asbury)
Letters (Bill Seligman, Joseph Nicholas)
White Dwarf 6
(Apr/May 1978)
Combat and Armour Class (Roger Musson) - A realistic approach to armour class
The Fiend Factory (edited by Don Turnbull) - The Needleman (Trevor Graver), The Throat Leech, The Mite, Bonesnapper, The Fiend (Ian Livingstone), The Disenchanter (Roger Musson), The Nilbog (Roger Musson, after Nick Best)
Figures Review (John Norris) - Archive Miniatures
A Place in the Wilderness (Lew Pulsipher) - A wilderness scenario for D&D
Open Box - Reviews: Knights of the Round Table [Little Soldier] (Lew Pulsipher), Elric [The Chaosium] (Gary Porter), D&D Playing Aids [Judges Guild]: Campaign Hexagon System, Wilderlands of High Fantasy (Don Turnbull); Dungeon Decor [Falchion Products] & The Endless Dungeon [Wee Warriors] (Don Turnbull), Labyrinthine [Falchion Products] (Don Turnbull)
Letters (Dave Coleman, Roger Musson, John Robinson, Lew Pulsipher)
Traveller (Don Turnbull) - A new SF role-playing game reviewed
Kalgar (David Lloyd) - cartoon strip
Treasure Chest - New Magic Items: The Millenium Blade, The Crystal Fount, The Staff of Demons (Duncan Campbell); The Asbury System: Part II (Brian Asbury), Hit Location in Melee (Martin Easterbrook)
White Dwarf 7
(June/July 1978)
Feudal Economics in C&S (Ed Simbalist) - Starting off in life
The Fiend Factory (edited by Don Turnbull) - Necrophidius or Death Worm (Simon Tilbrook), Rover (Gary Ames), Living Wall (Neville White), Volt (Jonathan Jones), Gluey (Guy Shearer), Squonk (Christopher Kinnear), Eye Killer (Ian Livingstone), Witherweed (Simon Eaton), Withra (Don Turnbull)
Letters (Dr J.A. Gilmore, Albie Fiore, E. Gary Gygax, Ian Waugh)
Treasure Chest - Carrying Capacity (John T. Sapienza, jr.); The Asbury System: Part III (Brian Asbury)
Molten Magic - SF/F figures view
Open Box - Reviews: The Warlord Game [Robert Williams Games] (Don Turnbull), The Thieves of Fortress Badabaskor [Judges Guild] (Don Turnbull), Bifrost Volume 1 [Skytrek] (Don Turnbull); Lords and Wizards [Fantasy Games Unlimited] (Fred Hemmings), The Sorceror's Cave [Philmar] (Ian Livingstone), Cosmic Encounter [Eon Products] (Fred Hemmings)
Kalgar (David Lloyd) - cartoon strip
Lair of the Demon Queen (Don Turnbull) - A mini-dungeon complex. A difficult but rewarding section of the Greenlands Dungeon.
Thoughts on the Proliferation of Magic Items in D&D (Gary Gygax) - Advice on the use of magic items
White Dwarf 8
(Aug/Sept 1978)
Monster Modelling (Mervyn Lemon) - How to make your own monsters
The Fiend Factory (edited by Don Turnbull) - Stinwicodech (Eamon Bloomfield), Tween (Ian Waugh, based on Clifford D. Simak's Halfling), Chaoticus Simbioticus (Roger Musson), Rock Beast (Callum Forbes), Carbuncle (Albie Fiore), Coffer Corpse (Simon Eaton), Whirler (Simon Muth), Turung (Thomas Benson)
Molten Magic - SF/F figures view
Treasure Chest - Critical Hits (Lew Pulsipher); The Asbury System: Part IV (Brian Asbury)
the Man-Beast (Greg Foster) - A ferocious new character class
Open Box - Reviews: Space Marines [FanTac Games] (Mike Hodson-Smith), The Monster Manual [TSR Hobbies Inc.] (Don Turnbull), Starships & Spacemen [Fantasy Games Unlimited] (Don Turnbull); War of Wizards [TSR] (Colin Wheeler)
Letters (Lew Pulsipher, Roger Musson, John T. Sapienza jr., Kevin Flynn)
Kalgar (David Lloyd) - cartoon strip
Valley of the Four Winds (Rowland Flynn) - A new story of heroic adventure, part 1
White Dwarf 9
(Oct/Nov 1978)
The Experienced Traveller (Mike Ferguson) - Incorporating experience into Traveller
The Fiend Factory (edited by Don Turnbull) - Svart (Cricky Hitchcock), Dakon (Ian McDowell), Imorph (Andrew Key), Stair Stalker (Roger Musson), Whipper (Bob Scurfield), Flying Fish (Dave Waring), Urchin (Nick Louth), Umpleby (Stephen Wood), Nasnas (Roger Musson)
Molten Magic - SF/F figures view
Valley of the Four Winds (Rowland Flynn) - Chapter Two: Battle of Gondemar
The Lichway (Albie Fiore) - A comlete mini-dungeon, including the Susurrus.
Kalgar (David Lloyd) - cartoon strip. Final episode.
Open Box - Reviews: Superhero [Lou Zocchi] (Eamon Bloomfield), Legions of the Petal Throne [TSR Hobbies Inc] (John Norris), Dungeon Modules G1 Steading of the Hill Giant Chief, G2 Glacial Rift of the frost Giant Jarl, G3 Hall of the Fire Giant King [TSR Hobbies Inc] (Don Turnbull); Citadel of Fire [Judges Guild] (Don Turnbull)
Foresters (Trevor Clarke & Ed Simbalist) - A C&S character type, extracted from the Chivalry & Sorcery Sourcebook
Treasure Chest - Tricks & Traps (George Scott), Useless Items (Ian Livingstone), Instant Abilities (Albie Fiore)
White Dwarf 10
(Dec/Jan 1978/9)
Talismans of Tekumel (Jack McArdle) - Magical items for EPT: The Dazzling Armlet of Obedience, The Capsules of Dispelling Magic, The Steel Sash of Strength, The Magic-Cleaving Blade of Terr'wobee, The Girdle of Abstinence, The Kilt of the Flaming Lord, The Potent Pampooties of Prehistory, The raging Gauntlet of the Jewellers of Sham'ash
The Fiend Factory (edited by Don Turnbull) - Blink Skeleton (Brian Hanstock), Inverse Monster (John Culver), Mimble (Tony Briskham), Familiar (Trevor Mendham), Sandman (Roger Musson), Eastern Skeleton (Brian Taylor), Warlock Cat (David Taylor), Bragger (Roger Musson), Dahdi (Mervyn Lemon)
Treasure Chest - Tricks & Traps Competition Result: Frozen Food (David Bradbury), The Inter-Dimensional Cloning and Teleport Chamber (Stephen Hellman), The Electric Chest (Stephen Home), Instant Vampire (John Evans), The Old Boot (Bill Campbell), Highly Strung (Jack Baker), Puddles & Pitfalls (Deirdre Evans), Watch Your Step (Deirdre Evans), Winner - The Pit and Rope Trick (Roger Musson)
Letters (Andy Slack, Roger Musson, Hugh Tonks, Roger Coult, Peter Tamlyn)
Games Day IV (Ian Livingstone) - a report. 28th October 1978.
Light Sword (Wilf Backhaus) - An SF duelling game
Open Box - Reviews: Gamma World [TSR Hobbies Inc] (Don Turnbull), The Relam of Yolmi [West Coast Games] (Don Turnbull); Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Players Handbook [TSR Hobbies Inc] (Don Turnbull), The Manual of Aurania [Singh, Wagner & Stehle] (Don Turnbull)
The Experienced Traveller (Mike Ferguson) - Incorporating experience into Traveller, Part II
Valley of the Four Winds (Rowland Flynn) - Chapter Three: In Greengorm Forest
Molten Magic - SF/F figures view
White Dwarf 11
(Feb/March 1979)
Fire-Arms: 3000AD (Brian Asbury) - Weapon additions for Traveller
The Fiend Factory (edited by Don Turnbull) - Lauren (Colin Reynolds), Spook (Roger Musson), Witherstench (Jonathan Jones), Tribe of the Stone (Jack McArdle), Berbalang (Albie Fiore), Sheet Phantom (David Wormell), Lapidan (Roger Musson), Devil Dog (Louis BosChelli)
Letters (James Ronco, John Smart, Simon Eaton, Lew Pulsipher)
A Bar-Room Brawl - D&D Style (Lew Pulsipher) - a ready-made scenario using D&D rules
Humanoid Variations (Charles Elsden) - New aliens, for Starships & Spacemen
Open Box - Reviews: Dimension Six [Dimension Six Inc.] (Jacek Gabrielczyk), Runequest [The Chaosium] (Jim Donohoe), Middle Earth [SPI] (Bill Seligman), Dungeon Modules: D1 Descent into the Depths of the Earth, D2 Shrine of the Kuo-Toa, D3 Vault of the Drow [TSR Hobbies Inc] (Don Turnbull)
Treasure Chest - 'Little Old Men': Peacemaker (Billy Orr), Weirdo (Ian McDowell), The Friend (Trevor Mendham); Ring of Arms (Stephen Baker), The Weakling (H. Watson and P. Marjoram)
Valley of the Four Winds (Rowland Flynn) - Chapter Four: Towards the Stonefingers
White Dwarf 12
(April/May 1979)
The Fiend Factory (edited by Don Turnbull) - Assassin Bug (Ian Livingstone), Iron Pig (Roger Musson), Grell (Ian Livingstone), Hook Horror (Ian Livingstone), Githyanki (C. Stross), Giant Bloodworm (Ian Livingstone), Desert Raider (Cricky Hitchcock), Three-headed Skrat (Bob Montgomery)
Useful Dungeon Equipment (Lew Pulsipher) - New backpack items
Open Box - Reviews: Rapier & Dagger [Fantasy Games Unlimited] (Don Turnbull), All The Worlds' Monsters Volume II [The Chaosium] (Don Turnbull), The Arduin Grimoire Volumes I, II & III [Dave Hargreaves] (Don Turnbull), Pellic Quest [Conflict Interaction Association] (John Reynolds), Spellmaker [Gametime Games] (Don Turnbull)
Spellmaker (Eric Solomon) - Suggested revisions by the inventor
News, Molten Magic - SF/F figures review
Pool of the Standing Stones (Bill Howard) - A complete mini-dungeon. For D&D, 6-8 5th/6th level adventurers.
Valley of the Four Winds (Rowland Flynn) - Chapter Five: The Hall of Wizardry
Treasure Chest - New Magic Items: The Sword of Thievery (Lois Boschelli), Silver Boomerang of Za'an (Paul North), Strangler's Noose (Bob Scurfield), The Swords of Meryn Caradeth (Roger Coult), Earring of Control (Robert Stanley), Arrows of Petrification, Rod of Electricity (Adrian Barker), Dwarven Dust (Nigel Locke), The Blade of Betrayal (Duncan Campbell); The Barbarian - Some Minor Modifications (Brian Asbury)
A Dip into the Players' Handbook (Don Turnbull) - Advanced D&D examined
White Dwarf 13
(June/July 1979)
Advanced D&D Combat Tables (Gary Gygax) - A welcome extract from the [then forthcoming] Referee's Guide
The Fiend Factory (edited by Don Turnbull) - Doombat (Julian Lawrence), Terithran (Ronald Hall), Imps (M. Stollery), Shadow Demon (Neville White).
Expanding Universe (Andy Slack) - Suggested additions to Traveller, Part I
Open Box - Reviews: Dungeon Modules B1 In Search of the Unknown & S1 Tomb of Horrors [TSR Hobbies Inc.] (Don Turnbull), Dungeon Floor Plans [Games Workshop] (Peter Darvill-Evans)
Houri (Brian Asbury) - An alluring female character class
Valley of the Four Winds (Rowland Flynn) - Chapter Six: The Face of Hell (Final Chapter)
Treasure Chest - New Spells: Laser, Mirage, Sword of Warning (Phil Masters), Oath (Roger Levy), Magic Messenger (Michael Watts), Detect Undead, Cone of Good (Declan Logue), Bend, Mental Block (James McRobert), Jebansalf's Eye of Back-Seeing (Daniel Adler), Bridge (Michael Hewitt), Catatonic Control, Rope Control, Spell Store (Richard Nixon)
Letters (Gerard May, Michael G. Stoner, Don Turnbull, John Smart)
News, Help!
White Dwarf 14
(Aug/Sept 1979)
Expanding Universe (Andy Slack) - Suggested additions to Traveller, Part II
The Fiend Factory (edited by Don Turnbull) - Gurgotch (Roger Musson), Mindweb (David Taylor), Energy Cyclone (M.C.), Ice Maiden (David Hicks), Gazer (Charles Stross)
Open Box - Reviews: Mercenary (Book 4) & 1001 Characters (Supplement 1) [Game Designers Workshop] (Don Turnbull), Balastor's Barracks [The Chaosium] (Jim Donohoe), The Dragon Crown & Of Skulls And Scrapfaggot Green [Judges Guild] (Don Turnbull)
Molten Magic - SF/F figures view
Lair of the White Wyrm (John Bethell) - A complete Runequest mini-scenario
Treasure Chest - The Pits (Simon Shaw), The Bathhouse of the Pharaoh (Will Stephenson), The Bell Room (Stephen Wood)
Letters (Don Turnbull, David G. Bell, Roger Musson)
White Dwarf Interviews - Gary Gygax
News, Games Clubs, Help!
White Dwarf 15
(Aug/Sept 1979)
How To Lose Hit Points And Survive (Roger Musson) - Proposed revisions to D&D combat
Expanding Universe (Andy Slack) - Suggested additions to Traveller, Part III (Stellar Systems)
The Barbarian (Ian Livingstone) - An introductory fantasy board game
Descent Into The Depths Of The Earth (Don Turnbull) - Advice on running the AD&D 'D' Modules
Open Box - Reviews: Ice War & Black Hole [Metagaming Microgames] (Don Turnbull), King Arthur's Knights [The Chaosium] (Jacel Gabrielczyk), Traveller Aids & The Traveller Logbook & Starships and Spacecraft [Judges Guild] (Bob McWilliams), Animal Encounters [Game Designers' Workshop] (Bob McWilliams)
Treasure Chest - Determining Height and Weight (Lew Pulsipher), Energy Drainers (Simon Shaw), Who Goes To Sleep? (Lew Pulsipher), New Magic Items: The Helping Hand (Anders Blixt), Fenway's Silver Slippers, Zailin's Sleeping Suit (Fred Kendall), Key of Welcome (Neil Gulati)
The Fiend Factory (edited by Don Turnbull) - Heat Monster (Brian Henstock), Tacharanid (John & Deirdre Evans), Dragon Dog (John T. Sapienza Jr.), Russian Doll Monster (Mike Ferguson), Time Freezer (Guy Shearer), Pebble Gnome (William Maddox)
Games Clubs, Help!
White Dwarf 16-100  
White Dwarf 131+ 131, 136-137, 140-142, 147, 149, 162, 164, 166-170, 173-174, 176-177, 179, 182-205, (191x2), 207, 215, 247-250, 252-258, 270, 284, 289